Jim Kitzmiller Websites

My Bookstore has ebooks with tons of information to help you empower yourself and the people around you. After you purchase any of these ebooks, you get updates for free. The books are my legacy. They might eventually replace all of my websites.

Jim's bucket statement - the most important statement he'd like to leave as a legacy.

My printed book Duke Blisser and the Meditating Marines: an example of bliss writing for the author's happiness and creativity In addition to demonstrating Bliss Writing, this book is a feel-good story that gives you an inside look at a meditation retreat.

JimKitzmiller.net is my spiritual blog. It's filled with guided meditations and other self-help information to help you empower yourself and people around you.

Meditation Retreat is an online meditation retreat app formatted for mobile devices. It's still in the development phase, but you're welcome to use it.

MeditationVacations.com is one of my original websites. This is blending into my main blog - JimKitzmiller.net.

Kitzmiller.net is my computer services site based on my thirty years of professional computer experience.

YouTube.com/JimKitzmiller is my YouTube Account. Happy visitors played these guided meditations over a million times.

Twitter.com/JimKitzmiller is my Twitter Account. Over 60,000 followers have enjoyed the bits of wisdom that inspire and inform.

facebook.com/JWKitzmiller is my Facebook Account. I haven't done much with this yet.

SystemsMystic.com brings reason and intuition together to suggest high level solutions to practical world problems. This site is merging into my spiritual blog.

Blissercise.wordpress.com is my first blog. It's been inactive for years. However, you just might find some pearls of wisdom in the short posts.